Death Clock - When Are You Going To Die? App Reviews

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Failure! Sad!

Waste of money and time. You enter your info and it shuts down. Also, you had better know your height in metric units.


Did not work as advertised. I want my money back.

It dies first

Crashes and dies first. I win!


Since I used a random set of letters I doubt very much my nickname was "taken" in my well thought out review. In summary, my 94 yr old aunt , according to this app, should have died ten years ago. This app does not deserve one star. Had to put that in to get it to send. If this review disappears also, for shame on its creator!

Crashes every time

Load in your data and it displays "you will survive for.." Then crashes. Useless.

No matter

No matter what I put in it still says I will die at the age of 44


I hope the creator of this app dies in 1 minute

Pure Crap! Don't bother!

No stars here!

Ehh funny

It says I'll die when I'm 69 waaa I'm so sad but it just entertainment


It saw me nice time 2078 really funny

Living to 75...


Doesn't consider certain things

It doesn't consider medical advances will make people live alot longer and I'll live longer than 50

Dead, don't know it

According to this app I expired 14 years ago. Imagine, I missed my own funeral!


Serves no purpose at all. Waste of space and time. They should remove the app.



Hmm, April 30, 2002 ?

Let's try to figure this out - first of all, the above date has passed. Right? Have I been dead for 9 years? Maybe, or am I a Vampire? Only a complete idiot would make an app like this one. Wait a minute, these guys are authors/developers that have some brains. Oh, the brains must be in their A-s I guess, or there's some S--t where the brains are supposed to be. Now, that makes more sense. Going out tonight as The Living Dead! My oh my, may meet more dead heads, not "The Greatful Dead" - wait, I may see Jerry Garcia, and since we both play guitar, what a night it will be! Our first song will be Dead Man, Dead Man by Dylan. Now I'm happy .

I hav no clue whats gonna happen next

I know its a joke but its weird and creepy. I put MJ and it said he died in 2008


I did my birthdate did it again and it waz different don't get it this doesn't deserve a star but I have to do at least one dumb

This is the dumbest thing I have seen so far as an app. I know it's for entertainment purposes only but it's not even entertaining. It's not worth the time it takes to download.


God and Jesus don't know because there not real and it says it's not the real time that u will die


Says I died in 2004. Don't waste your time. There are real Life Expectancy calculators on the web.


I've been dead for 4 years and didn't know it


I wish I knew wat the height was I don't know centermeters so lol other than that pretty good


It saids I'm going to die on December 21, 2012 :0


I had 24 years, 7 hours 7 minutes, and 37 seconds, I'm 18!!!!!!

This app is...

To trick your frends(:

Wow so fake LOL

It said I was gonna die tomorrow and never did wow hahaha lol

Only God can

No fake app can tell you if you're going to die when, only God can of coarse. If you do not believe in God or Jesus, than don't buy the app Anyway because it's fake.


Pretty Gay!


Bahahahahah like omg! Like totally meng :)


Wow this app really works because I just died, WEIRD!

God & Jesus know

God & Jesus know when u die. Not a dumb app!!!!!

Very accurate!!

Apparently this thing is spot on. I found this iPod laying next to this dead guy and this app was open. The clock show's 00:00:00. Huh.......


It says I have 11 minutes and 9 seconds


People who are writing bad reviews theirs a message before u start the app it says Its just for entertainment and Its not actually True k so chill People

This is CRAP!!!!!!!

Only God knows when you will die! Not some stupid app!!! Stop wasting your time worrying about when you will die!!!


i cant believe that I will die at 70 i hope i live longer than that

I dis like this app!!!!

I hate this app are you ppl trying to give people heart attacks ah something don't waste your time with this app only god know when were going to leave this place. This app is for entertainment but as of right now I'm not happy with this app >: (

Depressing if true

Do need to work on ft/cm, at least. Had to switch to a converter to figure out tall I am. Ideal would be to ask which system before and keep screens less cluttered.


My grandma was over due by more than two years..obviously this app is not accurate...but imagine if it was!! This app would be worth $5 at least! Haha


GREAT APP!!!! I'm livin till 70....but I only gave 4 stars...cuz my friend allie is gonna live 3 years longer...what a disappointment

Not all that

It's not that much. Sure it may tell you when you are going to die but it can be to difficult sometimes. Like you have to tell how tall you are in cm which is hard. Second I told facts about someone on my family and it said they were already dead. Also it doesn't same what you put in from before. Don't waste your time on this app.

Not worth 1 star!! :(

Stupid. Scares peeps too. Worse than a piece a crap. P.S- livin 53 years!


The app Is cool.I think that you should put a part in the test that tells you how much you way to enhance realism.

it said il live till 2061!

oh yea 75 yrs!!!!

no no no

this app is not for little kids like me. For being 9 I almost cried to see the results. I hope it's not true. It said I was going to die at the age of 70. it also said my grandma was going to die In like 1995 and that her time has expired but now she is 81 and still friken alive.

Dark Humor

It says the app is for entertainment... a very special kind of entertainment, that is... not for me!


The website is better check it out

Pretty Stupid

No matter what dates you put in, in always says about 40-44 years before you die for non-smokers. And 25 years from now for smokers. It's pretty stupid.


I'll survive till I'm like 65 so I'm fine with it :D but what if every time it said you'd die in 2012 XD

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